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Welcome to Samson's Ridge

Under the watchful eye of legendary deer hunter Len Rudd, proper habitat has been expertly combined with superior genetics, nutrition, and unsurpassed management. The result is a virtual “promised land” for the most discriminating hunter. Our past clients have enjoyed hunting monster bucks for years with most clients repeating year after year. So give us a call and let us get started planning your next dream hunt

We would like to formally invite you to come and enjoy the hunting experience like no other. Upon your arrival at the wooded hill country interspersed with rolling croplands that comprise Samson’s Ridge you will know that you have entered a dream world for the monster whitetail deer.

Why Choose Samson's Ridge

Our clients harvested over 25+ beautiful whitetail trophies scoring over 200”. Ten of which scored 250”+ and one that scored 300+.

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Pheasant & Elk Hunting Is Available

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About Samson's Ridge

Samson’s Ridge LLC is located at 695 Concord Church Lane, in Johnson County which is located in Vienna IL and is in the southernmost part of Illinois. This well known hunting preserve was established in 1997. Be not confused or tricked into believing that there is another part of Samson’s Ridge, LLC. We are known for our experience and expertise in the whitetail industry of today along with running this AWESOME hunting paradise with integrity and credibility.

The lands in which Samson’s Ridge, LLC encompass are a haven for big trophy whitetail. Samson’s Ridge, LLC is operated under strict management and with an availability of world class genetics unmatched by any other. The golden opportunity for realizing the trophy hunt you expect and anticipate is now possible for an exclusive few. Samson’s Ridge LLC has become the premier location for those who desire the heart-stopping sight of monster whitetail bucks during the action of the hunt. With  beautiful terrain of rolling hills, flowing creeks, cedar thickets, and towering big woods of oak, maple and persimmon.  Food plots of alfalfa, winter wheat, corn, soy beans, clover, are the elements for harboring trophy whitetails are unlimited.  We have 3 lakes, the largest being 10 acres where the bass, crappie, and catfish are abundant. Never before has such an elite unity of deer habitat, genetics, and technology been brought together with professional management and knowledge until now.  

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